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Give your child, best school tuition right at home

LIVE Face -to-Face Online Tuition

World education has undergone massive changes in the few decades. in today’s modern era, with digitalization slowly taking over, ‘online education’ has become the main talking point among the masses. And with online tuition, it is possible for children to get access to India’s best teachers from the safety and comfort of their homes. we make this possible through our LIVE face-to-face personalized learning of children via India’s top1% teachers vetted and trained by our team

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Who We Are

"Online Tution - give your child the best education, right at home "

The Online Offered is the ideal learning platform for your child. We have created a special curriculum taking inputs from the experts and faculty with over decade of customised learning plan which is tailor-made for your child and their specific needs. All the classes are held through live interactive sessions,with a teacher so that they have the avenue to get their doubts cleared right then ad there.

personalized Learning Journeys

personalized learning is the foundation of our unique programs for Students. Using knowledge graphs, the program adapts and creates personalized learning journeys for students. it provides a comprehensive coverage of over 1 lakh concepts with animated videos and questions, fun quizzes and flashcards.

Technlogy Enabled Learning

We leverage technology to merge best practices like use of videos, engaging content and quizzes with the best teachers so that every child across the globe has access to the learning experiences.

Best Teachers & Engaging Content

We Provide Students a holistic learning experiences. Students across region can access the best teachers and see concepts come to life.